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The first FDA cleared drug-free, needle-free solution for opioid withdrawal relief.

Introducing The Sparrow Therapy System

Transcutaneous Auricular Neurostimulation (tAN™)for opioid withdrawal relief.


Facing the 800-pound Gorilla of Withdrawal

For more than 11 Million Americans, withdrawal is like an 800-pound gorilla standing in the way of opioid-free living. There’s just no easy way around it.

Taking the first steps toward withdrawal puts you face-to-face with a looming list of anxiety-ridden questions.

  • Do I have to do this cold turkey?
  • Is there a way I can ease the symptoms without taking more opioids?
  • How can I get past withdrawal quickly?
  • What about drug interactions or side effects?
  • Can I continue to work or carry out my regular life while in withdrawal?

Looking for a better answer to opioid withdrawal?

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Transcutaneous Auricular Neurostimulation (tAN™)

Spark Biomedical’s transcutaneous auricular neurostimulation solutions are wearable therapies designed to provide an easy, safe, and effective path forward so more patients can overcome fear, heal from withdrawal, and achieve a better quality of life.

The Sparrow Therapy System

Adult Opioid Withdrawal
  • Clinically Proven
  • Safe
  • Easy

The Roo Therapy System*

Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal
  • National Institutes of Health Funded Clinical Trial
  • Advancing Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome Therapy
*Not Currently FDA cleared

What patients are saying about tAN Therapy

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It’s important to us that the Sparrow Therapy System is the right option for your patients. We’ll take time to learn about your challenges and work with you to determine how tAn therapy can help your patients and fit into your practice.


Build a Clinical Roadmap

Our team will work with you to successfully integrate tAN Therapy into your practice.


Offer Patients a New Way Forward

Begin prescribing an easy, safe, and effective non-opioid option to overcoming withdrawal.

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Talk to Your Doctor

The Sparrow Therapy System is available by prescription only. Discuss your interest in reducing or eliminating opioids with your doctor and share this information on the Sparrow Therapy System.


Discuss Your Options for Additional Support

Discuss Your Options for Additional Support Depending on your situation, you may need additional support to go through opioid withdrawal. Be sure to talk with your doctor and your family to ensure you have all the help you need. 


Begin Therapy

Once your doctor prescribes the Sparrow Therapy System, you can begin preventing or overcoming withdrawal after a quick programming session.

Take the first simple steps to…

150 Years Evolving Wearable Neurostimulation

We built upon a solid history of neurostimulation therapy, then applied over 150 years of our own combined neurostimulation and medical device expertise to advance the level of care for opioid withdrawal through an evidence-based approach. And we’re committed to making ongoing investments in engineering and clinical neuroscience to advance the therapy even further — beyond opioid withdrawal.

Recognized by

Venture Houston

Venture Houston

2021 Pitch Competition

Tech Titan Finalist

Tech Titan Finalist

2020 Finalist Tech Inventor & Emerging Innovation

North American Neuromodulation Society

North American Neuromodulation Society

2020 Best in Show Emerging Technologies Forum

National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health

2019 Grant Recipient Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome Study NIH HEAL Initiative

Texas A&M New Ventures

Texas A&M New Ventures

2019 Grand Prize Winner

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