Advocacy & Outreach

Helping You Take the First Step

Spark Biomedical’s Advocacy & Outreach division is chartered with empowering individuals, families, and communities to take the first step toward opioid-free living. We do this by building alliances to educate, empower and elevate people impacted by Opioid Use Disorder.

  • Raise awareness on how opioids affect our brains, bodies, and behaviors
  • Inform on the latest treatment options and advancements
  • Highlight the social impacts to drive change incommunities and non-profit organizations
  • Reframe the conversation to eliminate the stigma, blame, and shame attached to opioid use disorder
  • Clarify the path to access evidence-based opioidtreatment
  • Remove the barriers/roadblocks to take the firststep through withdrawal
  • Provide a platform to amplify successful outcomes
  • Connect people and communities together to enable broader improvements
  • Deliver the voice of the people to the industry to support further advancements
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