Houston Based Galen Data and Spark Biomedical Reach Agreement

Houston Based Galen Data and Spark Biomedical Reach Agreement

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Partnership between Galen Data and Spark Biomedical strengthens their combined capability in support of connected medical devices and the ability to treat opioid withdrawal.

Houston, TX, May 6, 2019 — Houston based Galen Data announces it has partnered with Spark Biomedical to support the development of their mobile software clinician programmer. This partnership will leverage the connectivity of the Galen Data Cloud Platform solution with the Spark Biomedical’s innovative non-invasive neuro-stimulator that reduces the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Spark Biomedical’s neurostimulator is a rechargeable external pulse generator that powers small non-invasive electrodes that attach to the skin surrounding the ear. These electrodes deliver stimulation to specific cranial nerve branches to reduce symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The system is configured and monitored via a smartphone application. The app enables clinicians to collect and analyze individual and aggregate treatment data to improve long-term outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“Having a partnership with Galen Data means we leverage their vast experience in medical device software, cloud platform, and security while we focus on the science of neurostimulation,” said Daniel Powell, CEO of Spark Biomedical. “With this partnership we have saved considerable time and money to bring a first-class, connected solution to our customers.”

“This partnership strengthens Galen Data’s position in the connected medical device market and demonstrates our commitment to the medical device industry.” said GalenData CEO Chris DuPont. “Medical device manufacturers can greatly benefit from the Galen Data platform purpose-built for the medical device industry making it easy, affordable, and highly secure to connect medical devices to an FDA compliant cloud.”

About Galen Data: Galen Data (galendata.com) provides a turn-key, compliant software platform for device-to-cloud connectivity and data analysis that is compliant to FDA, HIPAA, and CE Mark Standards. A managed platform collects and securely stores data, as well as provide tools to visualize and analyze that data. Companies using this solution can reduce the time to market from months to days and at a fraction of the cost. Galen Data is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company.Spark Biomedical, Inc. is a Texas-based medical device company and developer of a wearable, over-the-ear, neurostimulation solution for opioid withdrawal and addiction relief. The Phoenix™ device delivers mild electrical stimulation to cranial nerve branches for the treatment of symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. The company’s vision, to ignite a brighter future through neurostimulation, is fueled by its unique blend of scientific expertise, technical innovation, and deep medical device industry experience. For more information, visit www.sparkbiomedical.com or follow us on LinkedIn

Contact jackie.powell@sparkbiomedical.com

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