Spark Biomedical, Inc Semi-Finalist in Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

Spark Biomedical, Inc Semi-Finalist in Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

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College Station, TX, May 3, 2019 — As Texas A&M New Ventures Competition 2019 #TNVC2019 approaches, May 15 – 17, the semi-finalist list has been announced. Spark Biomedical, Inc. is proud to be listed among the esteemed semi-finalists. Aimed at promoting the commercialization of emerging technology, the competition recognizes companies with high-growth potential and provides seed funding to help them effectively execute their ideas and advance product development.

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and the Texas A&M University System along with a growing number of sponsors are working to ensure today’s innovative ideas become a reality through the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition. The Competition is open to all Texas-based companies seeking to bring new or enhanced technology to the marketplace. Participant companies must be technology- or science-focused independent ventures in the pre-seed/seed, start-up or early growth stages.Spark Biomedical, Inc. is a Texas-based medical device company and developer of a wearable, over-the-ear, neurostimulation solution for opioid withdrawal and addiction relief. The Phoenix™ device delivers mild electrical stimulation to cranial nerve branches for the treatment of symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. The company’s vision, to ignite a brighter future through neurostimulation, is fueled by its unique blend of scientific expertise, technical innovation, and deep medical device industry experience. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn


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