Spark Biomedical Launches Telehealth Services for Sparrow Ascent, Improving Patient Access to Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

Spark Biomedical Launches Telehealth Services for Sparrow Ascent, Improving Patient Access to Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

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August 8, 2023, Dallas, TX— Spark Biomedical Inc., a U.S. leader in wearable neurostimulation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of telehealth services for their recently FDA-cleared product, Sparrow Ascent. Through partnership with existing telehealth networks, Sparrow Ascent can now be prescribed and e-prescriptions administered all via remote patient access. Sparrow Ascent— a safe, drug-free opioid withdrawal treatment — provides a much-needed treatment option to patients seeking to decrease or eliminate their reliance on opioids and who can or won't access facility-directed care. Pairing Sparrow Ascent and the telehealth home-based treatment option, the journey to recovery can now be more comfortable, more flexible, and more accessible, empowering patients to take the first critical step toward recovery.

In 2020, roughly 40.3 million individuals experienced substance use issues, and only 4.8 million sought treatment, leaving an estimated 35 million without treatment.1 Patients facing opioid withdrawal, whether from opioid use or tapering from opioid-based MAT treatments, often encounter numerous obstacles when seeking treatment, including:

  • Limited facilities and limited bed space to treat opioid withdrawal patients
  • A lack of comfortable, drug-free treatment options for those who prefer that recovery path
  • Lack of therapy flexibility that aligns with the patient's living situation and work requirements

Recognizing these challenges, Spark Biomedical has partnered with regional and national telehealth providers to introduce game-changing opioid withdrawal treatment access, eliminating barriers to care and providing safe, comfortable, drug-free opioid withdrawal therapy.

Building upon the success of their FDA-cleared Sparrow Therapy System — initially designed for in-patient clinical settings —  Spark Biomedical has reimagined and enhanced its product to cater to a broader range of patients. The Sparrow Ascent, which gained FDA clearance in July of 2023, was designed to be user-friendly, flexible and safe enough to be utilized in various settings, including facility-directed, out-patient, or even in the comfort of patients' homes, through telehealth.

These Sparrow Ascent advancements paired with telehealth prescribing access, empower patients, granting them greater control over their opioid withdrawal therapy and opening the door to receive treatment on their own terms. Utilizing the Sparrow Ascent and a patient-centric model is only possible because Sparrow Ascent provides physicians, patients and care-givers:

  • Safety: Sparrow Ascent is a non-addictive, non-abusable, diversion-free treatment option. There are also no known drug interactions or systemic side effects.
  • Comfort: Unlike other opioid withdrawal treatment options, there is no need to experience withdrawal before starting therapy. Patients also maintain control of therapy strength throughout treatment— whether facility-directed, out-patient, at home or on the go.
  • Drug-Free: Sparrow Ascent uses mild electric pulses instead of pills, eliminating the need for X-waiver restrictions like induction management and daily clinic visits. As a drug-free option, it empowers the patient with control over their sobriety date and gives family and caregivers peace of mind.

"We are thrilled to introduce Sparrow Ascent, to the vibrant telehealth services channel for patients, achieving a significant milestone in our ‘all-paths’ mission to provide accessible and patient-centric solutions,” said Daniel Wagner, Chief Commercial Officer of Spark Biomedical. "With the addition of telehealth, we are removing the friction that patients may face when seeking treatment, ensuring the opportunity to receive the care they need, when and where they need it."

Chief Executive Officer of Spark Biomedical, Daniel Powell, said "As we mark our five-year anniversary, we reflect on the profound impact of the opioid epidemic on individuals and communities. At Spark Biomedical, we remain steadfast in our mission to combat this crisis. The launch of telehealth paired with SparrowAscent will expand access to safe, comfortable, drug-free treatment for those struggling to get off opioids. This milestone represents our unwavering commitment to innovation, improving patient outcomes, and making a meaningful impact on the opioid epidemic."

Spark Biomedical has taken strides to make the telehealth process and access to Sparrow Ascent as seamless as possible. Patients will begin the journey with a simple quiz on Once completed, patients are connected with a licensed telehealth provider who will assess suitability for the Sparrow Ascent treatment. If deemed appropriate, the provider issues an e-prescription that is dispensed via a partner mail-order pharmacy, and Sparrow Ascent will automatically arrive at the patient's home within two business days. At that point, the power to overcome opioid withdrawal is truly in the patient’s hands.

Sparrow Ascent is currently available via facility-directed care in approximately 30 facilities across the U.S. Visit for specific locations. During the initial launch phase for telehealth, services are only available in California and Texas. Additional states will be added to both the telehealth and facility-directed offerings throughout the coming months.

With the launch of telehealth services for Sparrow Ascent, Spark Biomedical is transforming the landscape of opioid withdrawal treatment, offering hope and empowerment to patients across the nation.

About Spark Biomedical

Spark Biomedical, Inc. is a leading U.S.-based wearable neurostimulation solutions developer devoted to the life-saving work of helping 36.3 million people worldwide overcome withdrawal, heal from addiction, and achieve the better quality of life they deserve. With opioid-related misuse and overdose deaths on the rise, the company’s mission is to eliminate opioid use disorder by working to address the full lifecycle, including withdrawal management, opioid-sparing, relapse prevention, and PTSD/trauma abatement.

Spark Biomedical is helping patients take the first step of overcoming acute opioid withdrawal with its FDA-cleared wearable technology, the Sparrow Ascent— Transcutaneous Auricular Neurostimulation (tAN®) for Opioid Withdrawal Relief. Sparrow Ascent provides an easy, safe, and effective drug-free treatment option supported by clinical evidence. Next steps are underway with the launch of two NIDA-funded clinical trials to improve adult relapse rates and help infants suffering from Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS).

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