Spark Biomedical takes “Best in Show” at 2020 NANS

Spark Biomedical takes “Best in Show” at 2020 NANS

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The highlight of the 2020 NANS session was a competition among 12 new and emerging firms in the neuromodulation industry. Each entrepreneur was give 10 minutes to present and then field questions from the judges and the audience in an effort to win cash prizes and “Best in Show.”

Spark Biomedical CEO Dan Powell demonstrated the company’s device to tackle withdrawal symptoms of drug abuse. Using their proprietary non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation system, they have demonstrated a 90-percent reduction of withdrawal symptoms following a 60-minute treatment.

Spark Biomedical was selected by the judges as the Best in Show, while Douleur Therapeutics took second place and WISE, srl was the third-place finisher.

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