The Vision for Sparrow

Episode Overview

Welcome to another episode of "Spark a Conversation,” where we delve deep into groundbreaking innovations in medical technology. Today, we have a special conversation featuring the visionary founders of Spark Biomedical. Join us as co-founders CEO Daniel Powell, Dr. Alejandro Covalin, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Science Officer Dr. Navid Khodaparast Spark a Conversation.

In this episode, "The Vision for Sparrow," we explore the journey of developing a revolutionary medical device to combat opioid withdrawal. From initial challenges and design iterations to overcoming fears associated with withdrawal and ensuring accessibility, we’ll unpack the full origin story behind Spark Biomedical’s transformative technology, Sparrow Ascent.

Whether you’re curious about the inner workings of medical device development or you’re passionate about solutions to the opioid crisis, this episode offers a treasure trove of information and inspiration. Tune in to understand how Spark Biomedical is striving to make a life-saving impact with its innovative wearable neuromodulation device.

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