It’s Time to Treat Different

Treating opioid withdrawal can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved. But it doesn’t have to be.


Why Treat Different?

You and your team have likely been treating opioid withdrawal for years with the same limited tool set, medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) or basic comfort meds. With this restricted tool set comes a litany of other limitations, such as bed and staff shortage, drug distribution challenges, and geographic obstacles. Wouldn’t you like a less complex, more flexible treatment option — one that provides patients a safe, comfortable, drug-free way to get through opioid withdrawal?

Introducing Sparrow Ascent®

Sparrow Ascent is the only FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-addictive, non-invasive, wearable treatment technology for the relief of opioid withdrawal symptoms. This next-generation product has been reimagined for more versatile patient use, including — in-patient, out-patient, or in the comfort of their homes via telehealth. What's more, the starter kit includes 28 lightweight, flexible earpieces to address the prolonged withdrawal experience now seen with the prevalence of fentanyl.

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Sparrow Ascent is:


  • Non-addictive treatment option
  • No known drug interactions or systemic side effects
  • No diversion risk


  • No need to experience withdrawal to begin treatment
  • The patient can control therapy throughout treatment
  • Therapy can be completed in-patient, out-patient, at home, work, or on the go


  • Uses mild electric pulses instead of pills
  • No daily clinic visits needed for treatment
  • The patient can control their sobriety date
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Sparrow Ascent Includes

Disposable Earpieces

They’re easy to apply, just like a sticker, and deliver mild electrical stimulation to the nerves on and around the ear. Plus, each Ascent kit comes complete with 28 earpieces.


It connects and delivers electrical impulses from the Patient Controller to the Earpiece.

Patient Controller

It powers the Earpiece and puts you in control of the amount of relief you need. Color LCD screen provides at-a-glance information on your therapy.

Indication for Use >

The Sparrow Ascent is a transcutaneous nerve field stimulator that is intended to be used in patients experiencing opioid withdrawal in conjunction with standard symptomatic medication and other therapies for opioid symptoms under the supervision of trained clinical personnel.

No Pills, No Needles, Just Results.

Sparrow Ascent is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive wearable neurostimulation device for opioid withdrawal relief backed by a Level 1 clinical trial. More importantly, our studies have shown Sparrow Ascent begins to provide significant opioid withdrawal symptom relief in as little as 30 minutes. Here’s what we discovered in the 31 patients suffering from opioid withdrawal symptoms with a Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) score >15:


84%of participants experienced mild or no withdrawal symptoms after 60 minutes of therapy.


100% of participants sustained a clinically meaningful reduction in withdrawal symptoms by day 3.


9 out of 10 participants who completed detox accepted a referral to continue opioid use disorder treatment.

*15% or greater reduction in COWS is considered clinically meaningful. Data on file.

PHQ-9 and PCL-5 Results

Clinical trial participants also experienced reduction in Depression and PTSD — helping support the recovery journey.

PHQ-9 = Depression
42.9% of participants had clinically meaningful reduction in PHQ-9 scores at day 5
35.7% of participants had clinically meaningful reduction in PCL-5 scores at day 5
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Offer Patients a Safe, Comfortable, Drug-free Path to Recovery 

Now you have a less complex, more flexible, FDA-cleared, treatment option to help your patients overcome opioid withdrawal and begin the next steps in their opioid recovery journey.

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