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Spark Biomedical Awarded $1.15M Department of Defense Phase II STTR Grant Read MoreRead More
Spark Biomedical Launches Telehealth Services for Sparrow Ascent, Improving Patient Access to Opioid Withdrawal TreatmentRead MoreRead More
Spark Biomedical’s second-generation device, Sparrow® Ascent, Receives FDA Clearance for Opioid Withdrawal Relief in AdultsRead MoreRead More
Clinical trial to test wearable device as treatment for chronic pain, opioid withdrawalRead MoreRead More
Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Spark Biomedical, Inc. advance bioelectric medicine designed to stem excessive blood lossRead MoreRead More
Battelle and Spark Biomedical join forces to advance bioelectric treatment solutions for opioid use disorderRead MoreRead More
NOWS Clinical Trial Phase IIRead MoreRead More
Long-Term Addiction Clinical TrialRead MoreRead More
Spark Biomedical, Inc Enlists Expertise of Eric Hargan and The Hargan GroupRead MoreRead More
Sierra Tucson Combats Opioid Withdrawal Using Groundbreaking Wearable Neurostimulation TherapyRead MoreRead More
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